Drive Technology:

The drive unit mechanism consists of powerful 24V Brush-less DC-motor with a strong planetary gear, synchronized with a unique lever system that provides a smooth and controlled movement of the traffic arm. The construction is made of galvanized steel to provide the durability needed as well as protect from the environment 

Gate Arms:

Barrier gate arms are made of powder coated white aluminium, with red reflective signal stripes and rubber protection on the bottom of the barrier gate arm.


The combination of a brushless DC servo motor and sinusoidal lever system allows for a smooth travel of the gate arm with no bounce in the end position. This technology will not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look and operation but also a reliable and durable product. The technology is based on a low power consumption drive system that allows the integration of batteries and solar power system. On average the barrier gates can run 300 cycles per hour over a 12 hour period without recharging the batteries.

Key Barrier Features:

  • Solar Powered Vehicle Barrier Gate
  • Multifunction Controller
  • 6 programmable relay outputs
  • ​6 programmable inputs including UL Safety input
  • Directional logic
  •  24VDC Brushless Servo motor with planetary gear
  • Power Input 85W 24V Solar Panel with battery pack and battery regulator
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • ​Designed for 10 Million Cycles
  • UL/ETL/CAN/CSA 325 Certified
  • CE Certified
  • Speed 1.8 sec 
  • 3 loop detectors
  • Adjustable “Gate Open” position for low ceilings or obstructions​
  • None corrosive housing made of powder coated aluminum
  • Easy installation and service (prewired terminal row, power outlet inside the barrier).
  • Breakaway bolts
  • ​Vandalism protection to prevent damage and reduce cost for repair.
  • Left handed and right handed version setup in the filed within minutes
  • Traffic light logic
  • Auto reverse feature in case an object has been hit
  • Manual emergency release
  • Efficient space available inside housing for additional components
  • Operating temperature range -22°F up to + 158°F
  • 24 month warranty
  • Includes gate arm with protective edge


The housing was designed to withstand the harshest environments. The high grade aluminum used combined with a patent-pending clamping technology not only provides physical strength but also an effective protection against corrosion. Furthermore, the housing is powder coated to add to the corrosion protection.


We now offer a fully electrical grid independent vehicle barrier gate option. The EP2500/EP3000/EP3500 Vehicle barrier gate series is identical to our P2500-P3500 vehicile barrier gates but come with the functionality to be fully powered by batteries that are re-charged by a solar panel. Our vehicle barrier gates provide all the features and durability necessary to withstand the harsh vehicle access environment while allowing the installer functional flexibility and simplified setup. 

ELKA Solar Powered Vehicle Barrier Gate

EP2500 EP3000 EP3500

Solar Technology:

The solar panel is a high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel providing 24VDC at 85W power consumption. Batteries are 2 12 Volt 75 Amp Hour Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery featuring F2 Terminals connected in series. A 20A Solar Charge Controller assures the effective utilization of the batteries. Equipped with industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessor to control the charger and discharge process and it has reliable battery to charge and discharge period management.
Mutiple electric protection: over-current and short-circuit protection, inverse connection protection, low voltage and overcharge protection.

ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate
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