ELKA Connectivity Modules

The ELKA vehicle barriers and gates can be operated and monitored through 3rd party applications via the RS485 or TCPIP interface modules.


  • RS485
  • Real Time interface with full control
  • SDK
  • Programming Interface document
  • Plug-and-Play modules​

ELKA LED Housing Light

The transparent plastic ring with LED strips is integrated between the barriers housing and hood: evenly illuminating red, blue, or green in all directions.

While the barrier system is easy to see during daylight hours, this new product significantly increases visibility during the evening hours and in poor weather conditions, while it creates an aesthetic aspect to the parking environment.

The type of lighting (permanently luminous or flashing) is freely configurable through the MO24 controller.

ELKA EasyControl Operator

The ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate EasyControl Operator is a PC Based control panel that allows the user to monitor and manually operate up to 16 ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gates.


  • Real time monitoring
  • Up to 16 ELKA automated gate opener
  • Settings download
  • Settings upload
  • Dashboard can be setup to your needs
  • Recording of camera images for predetermined events
  • System status updates through E-Mail or text messages
  • Open space counting system
  • Timer to automatically control barriers for reoccurring events.​

ELKA Articulated (folding) gate arms

The ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gates allow you to use a articulated (folding)  gate arm for installations where the height is restricted by a ceiling or other object.


  • Easy install
  • Prefabricated or onside assembly
  • Kits-available
  • Up to 13FT​​

ELKA EasyControl Configurator

The ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate EasyControl Configurator application allows for setup, programming, and monitoring of the ELKA barriers via a PC either by directly connecting to the barrier or via a network or by using a Windows tablet. 


  • Remote access to every gate
  • TCPIP or RS485 interface
  • Settings download
  • Settings upload
  • PC Software application
  • Every gate setting is adjustable via EasyControl application
  • Easy setup of gates by using stored configuration
  • Reads loop frequency
  • Provides detailed setting reports
  • Online help
ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate
ELKA Articulated folding gate arm
ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate

Vehicle Barrier Gate Accessories

Battery Backup Module

Power back up system keeps traffic moving during a power outage. Battery back-up with battery power regulator and two batteries for max. 500 cycles during power failure at medium speed. Installed or available as kit. 

Vehicle gate arm LED
ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate
ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate

ELKA LED Gate Arm Light

The LED-*** gate arm LED lights are designed to get the attention of drivers especially by night. The high efficiency LED string light are mounted on the side of the gate arm so drivers can see the lights clearly. The LED change colors from red to green depending on where the gate arm is located. An additional color –blue- is available if a different color is requested while the arm is traveling.


  • “Green” when Gate up
  • “Red” when gate down
  • "Blue" comes as standard as well 
  • Flashing or solid lights
  • Additional functionality available depending on the location requirements

Q-SAQ ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gates 

ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate
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