The CARRIDA park management system is a smart and easy to integrate LPR Camera with OEM SW module for automated vehicle access to restricted areas of all kinds. It is based on the powerful LPR software engine CARRIDA, that reliably recognizes number plates. The park management software itself is a database GUI solution. The solution is ideal for ticket-less parking or credential less access control.

Mode of operation:

The stand-alone CARRIDA camera system detects and reads the license plate of approaching vehicles and processes the data. Dependent from the respective license plate’s status in the black/white list, the barrier/gate opens or does not open. Alternatively, the software can be programmed to release signal for help for example. All collected data are stored and can be retrieved for statistics or control purpose.


  • Ticket-Less Parking
  • Credential Less Access Control
  • LPR- Vehicle License Plate Recognition
  • LPR Access Control
  • License Plate Camera


  • Stand-alone system, fully automated
  • Complete package: CARRIDA Cam (HW) + web-based park management SW module
  • Flexible system easy to integrate inside or outside/seperately from existing infrastructure (barrier systems)
  • Remote access via web GUI, also from handhelds
  • Hardware interfaces: LAN, I/O, serial RS232, RS485 (option)
  • Network-compatible with interfaces to other relevant components like under vehicle scanners (UVSS), ticket printers, barriers, etc.
  • Free run mode or trigger mode
  • Full data logging (automatic + manual) on internal memory (selectable, min. 16 GB) and transferred via LAN
  • Can be used worldwide in all countries (integrated ALPR/ANPR data base)
  • Also foreign license plates are recognized
  • Multiple cameras with master slave configuration to control all entries/exits
  • Typical configuration: 1 master camera + n slave cameras
  • Operating: 24/7/365 under all weather and lighting conditions
  • Control + configuration of all cameras via web tool
  • Every camera includes a real-time-clock that ensures internal data logging with the correct time stamp
  • Black/white list configuration via web tool
  • Creating several lists option to control exit + entry (vehicle, type, etc.)
ELKA Vehicle Barrier Gate

Vehicle License Plate Recognition (LPR) Access Control 

Hardware specifications:

Smart Camera Systems VC pro Z

• Input voltage: 12-24 V

• CPU: Dual Core ARM @866 MHz processing

with FPGA

• Resolution: options with several image sensors

up to 2 MPix

• Control: internal control panel and GUI

• Power consumption: 3 W appr.

• Optional: external lighting module with 24 high-power

LED IR-Flash lights

Phone: 3212486749 Website: https://www.elkaparkingbarrier.com/